PQ Professionals

We optimize

power quality

Mitigation of


and resonances

Increase operational safety,

reduce costs

Fault Finding



Increase operational safety

Save on costs with PQ Professionals

Analyzing Power Quality

Whether preventive or if grid problems occur: We utilize the latest measurement technology and our own expertise to analyze your power grid and detect the cause of faults and voltage problems.

Calculating Power Grids

Whether for new builds, replacement investments or extensions: We use our own calculation software to simulate the expected interactions of consumers in your power grid. We support you in finding the right solutions to improve your power quality.

Solving Grid Problems

Active filters, passive filters, power factor correction: When power grid problems arise we are able to develop efficient and tailor-made solutions for you. These help you avoid malfunctions and effectively reduce operating costs.

PQP at a power quality analysis

About us: Power Quality Professionals - we solve grid problems

You can rely on the power quality solutions and measurement services of PQ Professionals: We see ourselves as problem solvers and product-independent consultants. Benefit from our experience in power quality and EMC fault analysis and solutions - from small office buildings to hospitals, manufacturing facilities, and complex and extensive industrial plants worldwide.

Power Quality Professionals: About us