Power quality and EMC fault analysis

Professional measurements with clear results and instructions

Using the latest measurement technologies to track down network issues

Using modern methods and high-performance power quality analyzers, PQ Professionals analyzes your low-voltage or medium-voltage grid and documents the individual behavior of the connected consumers in a comprehensive and easy-to-understand report with solution proposal.

Our measurement technique complies with the latest international standards, i.e. EN 61000-4-30, EN 61000-4-7 and EN 61000-4-15.

We rely on modern, high-performance network analyzers and monitoring equipment from renowned manufacturers like A. Eberle, HAAG, Fluke, PSL, ZES Zimmer and Yokogawa (measurements on converters).

Power Quality and EMC Studies by PQ Professionals

Voltage disturbances, harmonic oscillations, reactive power

Most grid problems are caused by interactions between various consumers within increasingly complex power grids. Poor power quality costs money and, at worst, can lead to system disturbances and voltage-induced system failures.

Common problems:

  • Sporadic plant disturbances, mostly in connection with the operation of other equipment
  • Faulty measuring, control and regulation technology (e.g. false alarms, mostly due to insufficient EMC)
  • Overheating and overloading of plants or plant parts (e.g. transformers)
  • Premature equipment failures (e.g. power supply units)
  • Triggering of switches and protective devices (false triggering)
  • Defective reactive power compensation equipment
  • Flickering lights (flicker)
Bei Netzstörungen analysieren wir die Ursache und erarbeiten Lösungen.

EMC Fault Finding

When operational disruptions happen, we help you analyze the causes. Based on this analysis we develop a cost-effective solution for you.

EMC disruption analysis
Wir messen Ihre Netzqualität und erarbeiten Optimierungsmaßnahmen.

Power Quality Analysis

We check your power supply network, uncover ways to optimize costs and detect potential disturbance factors.

Power quality measurement and analysis
Wir führen normgerechte Nachweismessungen für Sie durch.

Verification Measurements

We perform standardized measurements and record these based on the latest national and international standards.

Grid documentation and verification