Grid planning and grid studies

Simulation of power supply networks and grid conditions

Network calculations for new and existing power grids

Network calculations or simulations save time and money. Computer models are able to analyze potential problems and the proper operation of a power supply network, including the connected consumers and their system perturbations. Suitable measures to improve the power quality are already considered in the planning phase.

Grid simulations are helpful even with existing power grids. For example they support the reliable planning and predictive interpretation of measures to improve power quality. They also accelerate the analysis of complex problems.

The grid simulations of PQ Professionals help with:

  • Planned new facilities and installations
  • Plant expansions / modernizations
  • Planning of new consumers
  • Cause analysis of detected grid problems
  • Comparisons of planned grid solutions

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DIgSILENT Power Factory: a well-proven software for all power supply networks:

PQ Professionals uses the proven simulation software DIgSILENT Power Factory for grid calculations. This software offers detailed calculations of low, medium and high voltage networks. The simulation of load flows and switching operations reveals the expected system perturbations (e.g. harmonic oscillations, resonances, power surges, short-circuit conditions and much more).

Netzmodell eines Energieversorgungsnetzes mit Resonanzproblem


1. Frequently occurring problems are resonances.

When the measurement shows, that a resonance occurs in a particular frequency range, the causes are often hard to figure out. By using the simulation as a tool, the resonance point and its effects on the supply voltage can be calculated and the sources can be found. Filter solutions can be planned based on the simulation model.

2. The connection of new loads to an existing network may cause unknown distortions.

Fixing such problems during or after commissioning, leads to high and unnecessary costs. By means of simulation, it is possible to create safety for the planned investment in advance. The distortions and other effects on the grid can be calculated during planning and mitigation solutions can be planned.

Calculations with DIgSILENT Power Factory

  • High- and Low-Voltage grids
  • Interactions between the grids
  • Load Flow Analysis
  • Short Circuit Analysis
  • Harmonics (with load flow)
  • Interharmonics
  • Grid Impedance (i.e. resonances)
  • Switching
  • Transients
  • Switching Ripple

Our Approach: (Recognition + Analysis + Solving) × Simulation Study = 0 Problems

With the help of a professional grid simulation, the effects of new consumers on a grid can be determined before installation. Appropriate measures and solutions for optimizing the power quality can already be considered during the planning phase. The risks during commissioning are minimized. This saves costs and ensures a scheduled start.

Power Quality problems can also be analyzed by means of simulation, when a measurement analysis only shows the effect, but can't localize the cause. The calculations are performed by our network simulation specialists. For our simulation studies, we use the well known software PowerFactory, which is developped by DIgSILENT.

More details in our service description of grid simulations.

Hotline: +49 . 341 . 26 45 22 42